A bold and adventurous social butterfly, Mae is happy in a crowd of deer and enjoys joining her Aunt Gladys (Doe #49) in games of “lets spy on the human” in the Mt Storm Park and the yards of Lafayette Avenue.      

Mae is one of the few deer in our herd who was given her name before she had her tags: She was once described as the doe with Mae West eyebrows, and the name stuck.   Spayed in 2019, Mae is 6 years old as of the most recent update of this post (Summer 2023).

Mae survives family members Harriett (Doe #23), Ethel (Doe #55), and Louise (Doe #62, and Mae’s mother), who in their heyday, along with Gladys (Doe #49), were affectionately known as the original “Mt. Storm Bridge Club” among some Lafayette Avenue neighbors.

Adopted and Named by: Sally Skillman

Named For:  Mae West, actress, singer, comedian, screenwriter, and playwright 

Sponsored by: Mae would love to have you as a sponsor!  If you are interested,  please let us know!

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